The Black Box

This was a curated show featuring 4 different groups with different artistic disciplines. In true Hereafter Artist Collective fashion this was a collaborative effort between founder, Nicolette Emanuelle, and AM Spexet.

This clip is a segment from a piece conceived by Nicolette Emanuelle called Creating Dolls which is a commentary on how women play into the patriarchal narrative of society and how we must seek to combat it to attain true equality. The song, Same Mistakes, is an original piece written and performed by Nicolette Emanuelle with aerial choreographed and performed by McKinley Campos. This premiered on May 31st, 2019 and was later performed in Charlotte, NC as a part of the 2019 Bloom Festival.

Video courtesy of Chris Goller

The Golden Record

Premiered as a part of The Atlanta Science Festival 2018 and was a collaboration between The Hereafter Artist Collective, Flight of Swallows and GA Tech Astrobiology. 

Dead Artists Lounge

April 7, 2018 as a part of the Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival.


This show was written and performed for the Fire in the Fourth Street Festival in Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, GA on May 20, 2017.

Dead Poets Lounge 

March 9, 2015 at Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse