The Black Box

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation,
we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” — Joseph Campbell

Four professional performance groups band together for three nights to engage you in an ambitious act of experimental storytelling through their chosen arts: puppetry, music, aerial, contemporary dance and cabaret. Do more than watch—engage and be open to your own transformation.

Where: Playing at 7 Stages in Little Five Points, Atlanta,

When: May 31, June 1 (8:30pm) and the afternoon of June 2 (3:00pm)

Who: Sorsha Masters Contemporary performing “Queen”
Raymond vs Raymond performing “Oshidori” and “Loophole”
The Hereafter Artists Collective performing “Creating Dolls”
Flight of Swallows performing “D IvI De”

Tickets: $15 online/$20 at the door


“Creating Dolls” by The Hereafter Artist Collective 

Players: Nicolette Emanuelle, McKinley Campos and Sally O’Grady

Experimental Flesh (the band):

Music written and performed by: Nicolette Emanuelle

Drummer: Bradley Daugherty

Cello: Deisha Millar

Terrible Things choreographed by Nicolette Emanuelle and McKinley Campos

Same Mistakes choreographed by McKinley Campos

The Wheels are Coming Off choreographed and performed by Sally O’Grady

“Loopholes” by Raymond v. Raymond

Raymond Carr and Wade Tilton

“Queen” by Sorsha Masters Contemporary

Christine Battle, Michael Comella, Sorsha Masters, Whitney Pyles, and Rhyan Vereen

  Selections from “Queen II” by Queen 

In a world that’s black and white, good and evil, right and wrong; a young queen is pushed to her limits by her younger brother who is hungry for her power.  In what becomes a fight for absolute power, we learn that sometimes you must fight fire with an even bigger flame.

“D IvI De (divide)” by Flight of Swallows

Performers:  Deisha Oliver, Sadie Hawkins, and AnnMarie Spexet  

“Oshidori” by Raymond v. Raymond

Raymond Carr and Wade Tilton